Today was a bad day.

I’m feeling really blue today. I’m so sad. I don’t have a great reason. Work was a little rough, but it’s been worse. I think it’s the Super Bowl that’s got me down.

My boyfriend’s friends hate me. They said that they “never want to see my face again,” according to the bf. So he’s spending Super Bowl Sunday at their party. I really don’t care about the Super Bowl, except that it’s in Minnesota which is my second home. But it’s really the principle of the whole thing. I am banished. They made him choose, and he chose them.

Of course, it is an unspeakable blessing that I am not stuck going to his friends’ parties now. His best friend is a vile person. He makes me sick to my stomach. So they did me a favor.

But he chose them. He doesn’t love me enough. No one loves me most. Don’t we all want to have one person who loves us most?

My loneliness and sadness is palpable. I am crying and I am blue and I don’t even have a good reason.

OMG is this menopause?


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